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Keep the stars in your heart.
Don't forget the stars
among the bright neon lights
keep your sense of wonder.
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
Data is soulless.
Only digital ghosts keeping me company while I’m in bed, waiting for something to happen, something to shift in the neon maze of cyberspace, now mostly switched to off, the remainders dimmed, muted, grey light mingling with faint voices, echoes of steps not really taken by anyone. There is pain in my body tonight and I try to fade myself into some alcove of this fleeting texture woven from millions of messages not meant for me and pictures passing by and vanishing again, streams of code I cannot see but feel, an insane non-physical machinery grown over decades, partly build, partly haphazardly thrown together, brick-a-brac output of innumerable human minds and their creations.
Connected, but alone – watching more data float by in  a minute than my ancestors would have been able to access in a day, a month, a year, and – way back – even in a decade or a lifetime. Data is soulless, disembodied from its purpose, if viewed somewhere between point of origin and
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 2 0
Spotlight Dancer and Falling Stars by Kayanya Spotlight Dancer and Falling Stars :iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0 O meu Pandeiro ... by Kayanya O meu Pandeiro ... :iconkayanya:Kayanya 0 0
You can keep your fairy dust.
Keep your fairy dust, your pinks and sparkles, your lace and ballet shoes. I have no use for them – I’d rather breathe freely, heavily, sweating and panting but content, than choking on glitter and inhaling the epitome of daintiness. Stay trapped between glossy magazine pages, if you want to. Drink from poisonous words of self-hatred and bird-bone fragile ideals from broadcasted streams of perfect lips, to the dehydration of your ever paling sense of self. When I wear black, it is to match a million stars and provide enough vastness for whole clusters of myriadically coloured nebulae. I wear white, and it is the canvas for my life, my future, to be painted in all the shades of songs, laughter, hopes, fears, grief, joy, success, failure, grounded optimism and meaningful relationships instead of strained efforts to be nothing but happy, living in a cheerful bubble made of denial and digital filters, where performance and pretence replace the art of living. There is no place f
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
Bateria - the rhythm of our lives by Kayanya Bateria - the rhythm of our lives :iconkayanya:Kayanya 2 1
wide awake
Wide awake behind closed eyelids, the passion of rapidly firing neurons, flashes of thunderstorm-like consciousness, falling backwards into habits of uneasy dreams at the cutting edge of spiralling hummingbird thoughts and cherry blossoms settling down like moths at sunrise, the sweltering heat of a body-warmed woolen cocoon less comforting than the cold morning air creeping between layers of blankets and skin tingling with electricity.
Sparks of knowledge singing along the wires of nerves and peeling tree bark away until the raw bone-marrow becomes one with sleepy feet retracing icy lines of fleeting sun light, wandering low over the mind’s horizon – stillness of birds on telegraph wires between rooftops, whirring blue sparks recreating whole galaxies at the speed of light multiplied by pi and unfolding into one dimension for every constant and factor ever thought of.
Point of origin, branching out in the shape of a platypus; bloom and sun and winter all at once curling up
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 2 0
weekly goodbyes.
embracing, cheek to cheek, those simple moments of saying goodbye
the lingering second of a hand clasping my arm touching me deeper than a million grand words
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
familiarity and copper sun
Slipping into familiarity
like the copper evening sun
pouring out long forgotten warmth
into open hands, beneath cracked winter skin.
Relaxed stance, standing side by side to watch
we are not young anymore
attentive inside, silent counsel
we are alive between worlds.
Wordlessly, invisibly calling me over
because these are familiar grounds
tiny habits, a place carved into this world
finding comfort in knowing for once what to do.
Walking in the copper sun
that evening, a singularity of happiness
content with life and the present moment
feeling almost at home.
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 0 0
Night to Easter (Haiku)
Tonight smells of fire,
full moon above the rooftops
– awaiting the light.
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
white cotton (haiku)
Laughter and firm hugs,
the warm smell of white cotton
– finally at home.
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 4 0
menacing by Kayanya menacing :iconkayanya:Kayanya 0 0
awake (haiku)
no one else awake
wishing for a friendly voice
to guide through the night
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 3 5
Lark of Concrete Fields (Poetry Portrait)
He danced in a field of wild flowers,
took their memory across the sea
– long weeks away from home
(but the game went with him, even when he played on foreign shores)
There’s golden sunshine and the colour of rain-wet straw,
the lark in the meadow sings out to him,
and the song of a travelling bard
(and the songs play inside him, beckoning to follow)
A spring in his step and sparkling laughter in his eyes,
he dances for himself and fights for a better world,
miles to go and people to meet
(be it on green grass or grey pavement, both are his playground)
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
teach me in silence. (renga)
without any words
speak to me in clarity
guiding hands and gaze
as you move in eloquence
I’ll be your young reflection
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 1 0
Writing at Dawn (Haiku)
filling blank pages
I love to see the morning
from the other side
:iconkayanya:Kayanya 2 0


I've been out of touch with the community here for a long time and I lost track of Megan Madgwick/Ramirez aka corina90 aka thefireflyliberation aka seafishandstarfire (I was sad to come back and find all the accounts deactivated).

I loved loved loved her poetry and it inspired me so much. Is she still around on social media anywhere or did she decide to stop posting poetry etc publicly? Either way I hope she is well.


I tasted the stars on my tongue
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I wish I could paint all my daydreams - or even better: take photos of them ...
Apart from taking pictures I write free verse poetry about people, art, nature, and capoeira. Sometimes I draw or paint a little, or play with jewellery wire.
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